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Is A Garage Addition A Possibility For Your Home?

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One day you might find yourself wondering whether or not adding a garage to your home is a possibility.  Maybe you want a workshop or a place to store your cars safely? Maybe you just want extra storage? Whatever the reason, you need to do your homework before starting any construction.

Find Out Restrictions

The first thing to do is to find out if you are allowed to add a garage addition. Go to your city's planning department and find out the rules for additions in your areas as well as pull any necessary permits. Find out the zoning restrictions and what types of garages are allowed.

One or Two Car Garage

Once you find that you are allowed to add on a garage, the next step is figuring out how big you want your garage. You will need to figure out the dimensions of whatever you decide to go with and measure the area where you want to put the garage to make sure it will fit. If you want a two car garage and it won't quite fit, then you can always do a one and a half sized garage for extra storage space.

Attached or Not?

There are many advantages to an attached garage. This type of garage offers convenience, safety, and it is less expensive because you only have to build three walls instead of four. The main advantage to a detached garage is that if you are using it for a workshop, then you won't have as many sounds or smells seeping into your home.


Make sure you factor in your driveway. A typical driveway is going to be a minimum of at least 10 feet, and can be even larger if you have a bigger garage. You will need to make sure your lot has enough room for a driveway without going outside of the boundaries of your property.

Appearance of Your Garage

The appearance of your garage is very important because it won't help your resale value much if your garage looks very different from your existing home. This is especially true if it's an attached garage. If your home is made up of something such as a unique stone that you won't be able to match up then it could end up looking a little strange and it might diminish your curb appeal. Just make sure the contractors you hire, such as Lloydminster Garage flooring, know you want the exterior of your home to match the design of your new garage.

As you can see there are many factors that go into creating a garage addition. Do your research so you can be fully informed to make the best garage addition possible for your home.