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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay Getting a Windshield Replaced or Repaired

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It's common to have a small chip or crack form on a windshield due to debris that hits the glass at high speeds. The damage starts off small at first, which is why you may decide to ignore the issue. Even small cracks can turn into large ones that require repair or replacement. Consider taking care of it for these four reasons.

It Could Be Against the Law

It is against the law in some states to drive with a damaged windshield, since it can impair your visions. For example, California police officers can pull you over for a damaged windshields and require that you fix it within two days or else you will go to jail. If your state requires a vehicle inspection, a cracked windshield could cause the car to fail.

Replacing a Windshield Might Be Free

Depending on the kind of car insurance you have, replacing the windshield could be free. Check your comprehensive insurance policy to see what kind of coverage you have.

South Carolina does not require that you pay your deductible when you are replacing a damaged windshield. The state law applies to all insurance policies within the state, so consider checking with what special considerations exist for your state's auto insurance.

A Chip Can Become Worse Over Time

Since your car is constantly vibrating when on the road, a small chip or crack can easily become larger over time. Cracks can also worsen as the temperature falls and rises, since the glass will contract and expand, which makes it more likely for the damage to increase. You can repair a small chip to prevent it from growing to the point where your vision is obstructed.

A Windshield Provides Safety to Those in the Car

A windshield actually acts as a part of your car that is designed to keep you safe. The windshield adds to the car's structural integrity if you were to be in a car accident. It will help prevent the car from collapsing inward. Having a windshield that is intact will add much needed cushioning, preventing passengers from being thrown out of a car during an accident or rollover. Windshields also assist in airbag deployment, since it keeps the airbag in the car and in front of the driver or passenger in the front seat.

If you need windshield repair or replacement, take your car to a local body show that specializes in windshields. Most repairs can be done in a single day, limiting the downtime that your car will be in the shop. You may also look into services to improve the windows in your vehicle, such as Solarteck Auto Glass window tinting.