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Completing Minor Water Damage Repair On Your Ceiling Is As Easy As 1,2,3,!

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Minor water damage on your ceiling includes some staining, bubbling, and/or peeling plaster and paint. While this may look absolutely hideous, it may be completely cosmetic. Before you begin your own water damage repair work, make sure your efforts will not be destroyed by a repeat wetting of the materials. Then the job is as simple as three steps. ‚Äč1. Peel and Scrape Away the Flaking, Bubbling, and Peeling Paint and Plaster Read More»

2 Reasons To Invest In A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

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A chimney liner is designed to run along the inside of your chimney flue in order to protect your chimney from the build up of chemicals and ash that can accumulate over the years. Listed below are just two reasons to consider stainless steel chimney liners. Additional Insulation One big reason to consider a stainless steel chimney liner is that it does allow you the option to increase your home’s insulation. Read More»

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay Getting a Windshield Replaced or Repaired

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It’s common to have a small chip or crack form on a windshield due to debris that hits the glass at high speeds. The damage starts off small at first, which is why you may decide to ignore the issue. Even small cracks can turn into large ones that require repair or replacement. Consider taking care of it for these four reasons. It Could Be Against the Law It is against the law in some states to drive with a damaged windshield, since it can impair your visions. Read More»